Learn how to kook vegan and be creative!
Workshop, cooking lesson, team-building activities...

I can organize a private lesson for you on a topic that is driving you crazy in the kitchen, or a topic that you want to explore or try for the first time! My approach is practical and friendly and I will reveal many little tricks to make your experience as a chef easier!

Soon I will also organize lessons in small groups: more fun and the possibility to meet new people!!

Are you looking for an activity to do with your group of colleagues? This is also possible!! We can prepare dinner or lunch together!


I can organize the one-to-one lesson or the group activity at your place or office, or in Treehouse Cantina in NDSM Amsterdam.


I'm flexible!! We can find for sure the right moment!


I like to create totally customized workshops!
It can therefore be a 1 or 2 hour lesson, or a 3 or 4 hour lesson with dinner included!
Anything is possible as long as it is pleasant!


Starting from 19,50 Euro!


Making pasta is really easy! We will analyze what types of flour it is possible to use, how to wash the dough, how to create colored pasta and how to create different shapes without buying expensive equipment!

Who doesn't love pizza?
Learn how to make Roman pan pizza, crunchy and soft at the same time! We can make it with dry yeast or ultra centenary sourdough directly from Napoli...

Tempeh is rich in protein but sometimes it's really difficult to use it due to its strong flavor...
But there are some tricks I can teach you to make it your ally in the kitchen, for example to make the best bolognese!

Tofu is definitely a popular and affordable ingredient!
But do you know that it can be used to replace meat, fish and even suitable for use in desserts? Its versatility is infinite...

Jackfruit is the perfect fruit for its stringy structure and its flavor, as a substitute for meat and fish!
If you want to use less soy products you must always have it in your pantry!

I can teach you how to make seitan starting from simple flour. Surprise your children and your carnivorous friends with a steak or pulled chicken, but totally cruelty-free!

As vegan cheese developer, I can teach you how to make almond ricotta at home!
It's easy to make, it can be used to season pasta, make cannelloni and lasagna, fill ravioli and pies. You can also use it to make desserts with the addition of chocolate!

Both children and adults like gnocchi! Making them is so much fun and you don't need any crazy equipment!
Did you know they can also be made with pumpkin or oats? My grandmother's recipe is guaranteed, it all depends on the choice of potatoes...

In every Italian region there are traditional dishes that are worth tasting!
Do you want to take a culinary tour from the comfort of Amsterdam? We can choose the menu, taking recipes from the places you love most, and make them together!

What Customers & Guests Say

  • It was sooo good! You have a new fan! The vegan ricotta is amazing. So full of taste. This is a keeper! Your cheese are delicious!! The smoked one was favourite with my guy friend and the white one with the girls. So good! incredible how you make them. So new with veggies!

    Stephanie - 05/12/2021
  • Our first order from Vegan Bear and it is a success! You could tell that Gabriele take lots of care in preparing the food. Proud to have discovered him and I am happy that I have bought the whole week of healthy meals from Vegan Bear. The website is very easy to shop and Gabriele is very responsive to my questions. Thank you for taking care of our home dinners!

    Mira - 26/11/2020
  • Prima di tutto una persona fantastica oltre che un ottimo professionista, molto preparato sul suo lavoro. Ho provato svariati piatti nel corso del tempo, dall’ aperitivo, al dolce, al salato. Tutti assolutamente da consigliare! Top quality!

    Fabio - 21/09/2020
  • What can I say, I am not a vegan but his vegan food and recipes are from a different league, colorful, super tasty and of the highest quality. Even though I am a meat and fish lover, but you can feed me his snacks and guilty pleasures any day of the week.

    Marc - 22/09/2020
  • We loved our Private Vegan Dining experience with Chef Gabriele! An incredible time enjoying his innovations, delightful and tasty vegan food, as well as getting to know more about his passion for cooking. He took really good care for my gluten allergy and brought together incredible ingredients to create a beautiful dinner. Gabriele did not shy away from sharing with us a lot of his vegan cooking knowledge and simple tips & tricks that we could apply.
    Definitely a dinner to remember in the coziness of our new home! We are super happy for the experience and recommend it to anyone interested in a vegan/gluten free or simply a tasty and healthy dinner! Thank you Gabriele!

    Hugo & Mali - 20/09/2020


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