with Brussel Sprout Cream

Super light but super tasty!!



2 Cup long rice
2,5 Cup water
1 piece of fresh ginger
150 gr Brussels sprout
2 slices Vegan cheese
Extra vergin olive oil
Salt & Pepper


Wash the long rice under water for couple of minutes.
Peel the ginger and cut it into little pieces. Put in a pot together with water and salt and bring to boil.
And the washed rice and boil for 13 minutes. Leave the rice rest.

After boiling the Brussels sprout in salted water, blend them with oil, salt and pepper.
Use the water from the boiling to make a thick cream. You can save some sprout to garnish.

Optional to make the crispy cheese! Preheat a pan and using a baking paper, make the vegan cheese slices dry and crispy. Let cool down.

Serve the rice with the Brussels sprout, the cream and the crispy vegan cheese.



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