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private dining

Would you like to organize a lunch or dinner for yourself, for your family or for your friends?

Contact me to establish the best plant-based experience! From a fine dining to a rustic and authentic Italian cuisine! I'll take care of everything! And don't worry, I'll arrange the kitchen at the end of the service!


I want to share with you some ideas, suggestions and recipes suitable for everyone: easy, healthy and super tasty!

Let's try to be more sustainable!

making dough

Kids Kitchen

for little chef

How do we educate our kids about food? How do we teach them that food is more (and much more!) than just a source of energy?

How? Well, the answer is simple - let them find themselves in the right setting!

Start from the beginning!

All my recipes are made from the beginning, I love to use my hand to create food, using raw plantbased ingredients and experimenting with jackfruit, tofu and tempeh!

Enjoy your time in the kitchen!

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culinary advisor

for business

Do you have a HoReCa business and would like to increase your vegan options on the menu?

Contact me for personalized advice to develop the best recipes, using the products you already have in stock!

Veganism is not only a fashionable trend!

Veganism is about taking care of animals, respecting all existing life forms and, most of all, preserving our planet.

If we all take a small step, together we will make the difference!

shopping veggies

shopping together

knowledge sharing

How often does it seem difficult to go shopping if you want to switch to plant-based nutrition?

Here I am at your disposal! I come with you to do the shopping so we will have the opportunity to observe the products, choose them and above all how to use them. I'll give you lots of ideas and I'll help you get to know unknown products!

Cooking vegan is a challenge!

I love to create new, colourful and tasty dishes as well as replacements for meat and fish, using crueltyfree ingredients!

Believe me, the results are incredible!

almond ricotta cannolo

Recipe development

for business

Do you want to include a particular recipe in your menu, revisited in a vegan way?

Let's talk about it! I am at your disposal to optimize the recipe, remaining as faithful as possible to the original. Once approved, I'll teach it to your chefs!