kids kitchen - the kids' plant-based cooking club

It started very simply...

How do we educate our kids about food? How do we teach them that food is more (and much more!) than just a source of energy?
How? Well, the answer is simple - let them find themselves in the right setting :)

The big change

Learning how to cook simple, inexpensive, tasty and healthy meals and snacks is more important than ever because of the social and advertising pressure of instant, high-fat, high-sugar, low-nutrition fast food.

Preparing your own food isn’t just better for your body, it’s easier on your budget and it provides you with an opportunity to socialise by sharing food with friends and family.

And just like learning to swim or speak a second language, learning to cook is more effective if we can start early in life and have fun at it.

That’s why Kids Kitchen was created

To get inspired and learn this important life skill through participation in a “Kids’ Cooking Club”..

So get ready, get messy, and make some fun, healthy snacks and meals.

A cooking program for kids where we can cook together and learn how to whisper to food.

- All the recipes will be plant-based, healthy and low in sugar and fat.
- To reduce the use of disposable material, we will communicate every week any tools that each child can bring from home. If not available, just let us know and we will take care of everything.
- The recipes developed in the previous lesson and other material useful for the project will be available on this page.
- Every week at the end of the class, we will have time to enjoy together what we made - gezellig eten time! -and kids will proudly take home their Magic Box.

Food has many stories to tell...

The program consists in several lessons where, in addition to the preparation of a recipe, there will be moments of discussion on issues related to food, giving children space to be curious. Children can develop many skills through cooking:
Sensory skills – Through tasting, hearing, touching, smelling and seeing, children will be exposed to and identify different foods.
Mathematics – Kids will count, measure and follow recipe directions in the food-related activities.
Cultures - Through the recipes, children will discover the stories, uses and customs of other lands.
Sustainability - We will talk about food waste and how in our homes we can do small things to help the planet.
Safety – During food preparation we can teach children the importance of safety when dealing with food, utensils and appliances.
Social skills – Working with other children will give the kids a sense of sharing and cooperation and an understanding of how to interact with others in groups. They will be able to learn from each another.
Emotional development – As children learn to make something for themselves, they develop a sense of independence and a positive selfimage. They can express themselves in such a special way.
Language skills – Food activities provide a rich opportunity to learn the names of foods and utensils. Many food activities can also encourage conversations about food likes, dislikes and expeiences children have had with food.

Example of program...


Ceintuurbaan 228H - 1072GE - Amsterdam

They are redefining the minimal waste store by focusing on healthy food and convenient sustainable shopping.
At the store, you will find local, organic food ingredients and gain more knowledge about each product’s process and provenance directly from local producers and our friendly staff.
Oh, and the best part - we have a lovely garden so if the weather allows, we can also cook outside! We just love nature! Yippie!

Different location can be considered to facilitate the participation of the kids: for example we can organize workshop and lesson at school, or in cooperation with other organization and activities. Contact us!

pratical information...

- Designed and suitable for kids from a similar school group (example: 6,7 and 8).
- Small group (max 10-12 kids)
- 2 hours per lesson.
- Lesson can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
- All the recipes are plant-based.
- The lessons will be in English (Dutch and Italian translation are available).


The price will be tailored on the kind of experience we create with you! For example a seven lessons program will cost around 75,00 Euro.


Feel free to contact us using the mail address

Do you want more???

We offer the possibility of organizing private workshops directly at your home.

Whether it's an activity for your family (adults are welcome!!), or a birthday party. Contact us, and together we can set an amazing experience!

Summer in the city...

Let us know if during the summer time you wuold like to have some nice activities.

We are available to discuss with you ideas and possibilities to make a great summer time in Amsterdam!
There should be a lot of possibilities: discovering together fresh ingredient to the markets, organising a pic-nic, cooking classes...

Feel free to contact us!

Send us an email at