the rice-based alternative

la mozzarella di riso!

Introducing our Organic Rice Mozzarella—a true masterpiece crafted in collaboration with Mastino Pizza, in the heart of De Pijp in Amsterdam. Together, we've embarked on a culinary journey to elevate your pizzeria experience with a mozzarella that's pure, flavorful, and coconut oil-free.

Pure Organic Goodness:
Born from the expertise of Mastino Pizza and crafted with organic rice milk, our mozzarella represents the pinnacle of purity. It's a cheese that honors the essence of unprocessed, organic ingredients.

Professional Pizzeria Partnership:
Mastino Pizza, known for its dedication to authentic Italian flavors, has teamed up with us to perfect the mozzarella that graces their delicious creations. Together, we've blended tradition with innovation.

Melt-in-Your-Mouth Excellence:
This mozzarella alternative is the embodiment of melt-in-your-mouth perfection. Its exceptional meltability and stretchiness make it a standout choice for creating mouthwatering pizzas that meet the high standards of a professional pizzeria.

Clean, Simple Ingredients:
We've embraced simplicity and purity in our ingredients. Our mozzarella is crafted without artificial additives or coconut oil, ensuring that every bite delivers an unadulterated, clean taste.

Versatile Culinary Magic:
Whether it's atop a classic Margherita or a gourmet specialty pizza, our Organic Rice Mozzarella is your versatile canvas for culinary creations. Its creamy, dairy-free richness enhances every dish.

A Wholesome Choice:
When you choose our mozzarella, you're not just indulging in exceptional taste; you're embracing a commitment to organic integrity, natural simplicity, and a healthier, plant-based lifestyle—values that define both Mastino Pizza and our partnership.

Elevate your pizzeria experience with the Organic Rice Mozzarella born from the collaboration between Mastino Pizza and our commitment to excellence. It's a mozzarella that's been perfected in the professional pizzeria setting to meet your expectations of flavor, quality, and pure delight. Experience the essence of Italian culinary mastery in every cheesy, coconut oil-free bite.

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