the cookbook!

Over the past few months we've been working on this project and we've put our heart and soul in experimenting, optimizing and testing new recipes to define our concept."IT'S MY KIND OF VEGAN STORY" is finally available!

Marit and me, are two friends that used to work together. And decided to team up to finalize this project. Marit is mostly responsible for the concept development and the graphic design and I am the mastermind behind all the recipes.

Our book is an introduction to an Italian plant-based vision on food. It has classical recipes that were already vegan. But also our favorite Italian recipes with a plant based twist.

You can find in the "basic preparation" the recipes I use to make: some italian specials like taralli and friselle, fresh pasta, tempeh bolognese sauce, different kind of cheese like almond ricotta and a semiaged potato & peanuts cheese, custard cream... With these basics you can create amazing appetizer, primi e secondi piatti, piatti unici, contorni e desserts!


She taught me how to cook the perfect risotto, exceptional lasagna, regional dishes from northern Italy ... And now I want to share all her teachings with you!

My hard "job" has been to replace animal products, faithfully reproducing the appearance, texture and flavor of the dishes!

We have the ambition to share a story, to inspire others to start their own kind of vegan story. We hope that these simple recipes, ideas, and suggestions can help everyone to make, at least once in a while, a different choice: to live a healthier, more sustainable, and more ethical life.

how to order your copy...

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You will have for free the special eBook "CONSERVE" with some recipes of preserved veggies and jams!
You can also take the occasion to order some other food freshly made for you and get everything delivered at home!

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You can take the occasion to find also a rolling pin, you will use for a lot of recipes!

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the BoekGoud Prize!

The publishing company jury selected my book 'It's my kind of Vegan story' for the BoekGoud Professional Jury Award in the Nonfiction category of 2021.

In the professional jury awards, the jury makes a substantial choice for the best book in three different categories: YO !, non-fiction and fiction. Three books will be nominated per category and my book made it into the top 3!

some of the recipes inside the book!

almond ricotta

basic prep

almond ricotta

pasta alla norma

primi piatti

pasta alla norma

tofu meatloaf

secondi piatti

tofu meatloaf

vegan pizza

piatti unici


gratin beans


gratin beans

apple donuts


apple donuts