THE veggiEESE!
the first vegetable-based cheese!


If there is a particularly difficult food to eliminate from the diet, it is cheese! And when you are able to do that, you are going to miss them a lot!
In supermarkets and plant-based stores, I have never been able to find a product that is sustainable, ethical, at a good price but, above all, really good!

I'm honest: I'm not a fan of cashews for strictly ethical reasons. You can find many articles by searching the search engines for "bloody cashews"
For those reasons, I started to self-produce plant-based cheeses: from creams and sauces, to fresh cheeses, up to semi-aged!


In recent years, the evolution of meat alternatives has reached incredible levels. There are excellent hamburgers, meatballs, croquettes, and every other kind of product, with the most disparate tastes and textures. And what really appreciable is the affordable price: plant-based alternatives now have a competitive price, similar to meat!

But analyzing the "plant-based cheese" market, there are very few products available and still far from being a product accessible to everyone! You can divide those "cheeses" into 2 groups.
The nut-based cheeses are tasty and very closed to the classic cheese but are crazy expensive, while the coconut-based cheeses are on a budget but poor in quality and with an artificial flavor.


I'm now based in Netherlands, the land of cheeses! So, I let myself be inspired by local products, and, with imagination and a lot of experiments, I'm proudly presenting my veggies' cheeses! They are based on fresh vegetables and cereals, naturally fermented and without added artificial flavors. They are cholesterol free, nut free, gluten free but with a strong cheesy texture and scent!

3 different vegetable base


The cauliflower-based Veggieese they are soft and creamy cheeses, with a fresh and slightly herbal taste, given by the essential oil of thyme.

A unique texture, impossible to find in any other vegan cheese currently on the market.

Available in 2 different versions :
- Caciolfiore (natural version)
- Caciolfiore with Italian Herbs


The potato-based Veggieese are the most aged cheeses among the Veggieese, with a more decisive and slightly peppery taste, given by the essential oil of black pepper.

A firm consistency, which can also be grated.

Available in 5 different versions :
- Patatino (natural version)
- Patatino with Sambal
- Patatino with Cumin, Turmeric, Coconut and Coriander
- Patatino with Rosemary
- Patatino with Truffle Tapenade (Plant-based)


The sweet potato and carrot-based Veggieese are an original combination of creaminess and firmness.

The vegetables give a natural sweetness to the Veggieese which is balanced by a smoky and slightly spicy taste.

Available in the original version.

Where you can taste or buy them?

A special and unique concept in Amsterdam Noord! Irene and Nèrys finally opened a plant-based kitchen, where vegetables are "on the main stage"! You can find delicious food, coffee and drinks but also deli to take home!
The Veggieese are available on the location!

Are you into food business? Do you want to try the Veggieese to use them in your menu?
Contact me, I will be happy to meet you and let you taste them!

Are you a food lover? Do you have in mind a place that can use and sell my products?
Please, let me know! You will receive a gift card to spend on my webshop!

risotto box


vegan potato cheese


aged vegan cheese


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